Why this service

The header on this page has my name and the sub-header says Culinary SEO.

I realize that it can raise eyebrows, it doesn’t sound like a usual thing to me also, let me explain why I choose this approach.

I cannot do much about my name and because I am the one you’re talking to, I thought that to be appropriate.

I am a chef by profession and was forced to retire from active cooking life due to unforeseen circumstances. I found it difficult to leave active cooking life, but never lost my love for food and cooking, so choosing culinary as my niche and provide writing and recipe development services for clients engaged in some sort of food related business, was therefore an obvious choice also.

What is left is the abbreviation SEO or search engine optimization,. After a couple of years of writing, blogs, articles and recipes for clients I noticed that businesses spend good hard earned money on website designs.

When it comes to content many focus on what they have to offer, environment, menu’s, setting, pictures and so on, but forget that when people search on-line for a business they have, they cannot be found.

SEO keywords strategically woven into engaging content articles are therefore very important for any business.

If you are in need of SEO written articles or blog post, contact me at: