A little bit about me

My name is Marinus Hoogendoorn, professional chef, author, blogger and recipe developer with more than 35 years’ experience at various levels of the hospitality industry.

After a long active life behind the stoves of Michelin star restaurants, Bistros, Lifestyle restaurants and hotels in Europe and Asia, plus a ten year spell in the food processing industry.

Personal circumstances forced me to stop my active cooking life, but my love for cooking healthy food did not end there.

What I do now

I decided to dedicate my time writing about culinary subjects and developing recipes for various niches.

I am a strong advocate of a healthy lifestyle, which starts with a balanced diet, and enjoy writing about the topic with an educational engaging approach that readers and search engines will love.

Cooking meals with fresh ingredients is not as difficult as it seems and my goal is to translate this principal into engaging content driven by SEO.

I look forward to help you as well, I can be contacted at: